Post Tension Restoration

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Why Do Clients Choose K&J
Post Tension Restoration?

As a professional Construction Company, the talented team at K&J Post Tension Restoration Specialist, Inc. only works with the best materials. Our staff members produce consistent results and offer reliable work ethics on every project they work on. Everything we work on is built on a strong foundation, which means it’s built to last.


Customer Satisfaction

It is immensely important to us that the customer comes first and we strive to do the best job we can.

Reliable Work Ethics

Our staff and employees are hand picked by us and represent the best available in the industry.

Strong Foundation

Having years of experience has allowed us to be able to provide a top notch service safely.

Post Tension Restoration

We are OSHA certified and always put safety first.

What Does K&J Do?

Rebar installation

Rebar Installation

Rebar Installation is adding reinforcement bars in concrete construction  strength to the concrete used to build floors, pads and other structures. Rebar and concrete  expand and contract at the same rate when temperatures change making them the ideal mix.

Post Tension Repair & Restoration

Older commercial structures were built with unbonded post-tensioning systems and are susceptible to corrosion. Our specialized repair and maintenance services to owners, engineers and contractors to help build solutions for ongoing maintenance, repairs and modifications to all types of post-tensioned and prestressed concrete structures.

Post Tension Repair Restoration

Concrete & Masonery Repairing & Restoration

Concrete repairs include epoxy injection for crack repairs, expansion joint replacement due to deterioration from corrosion or thermal effects.

Investigations performed to detect reinforcement location, condition, and evidence of deterioration such as voids, cracking, and delamination.

Structural Strengthening

When the existing structure deteriorates  or alterations have been made then structural strengthening of the concrete structures is required. Salt water in coastal areas also causes corrosion.

We do all repairs big and small; we perform investigations and offer solutions. We have OSHA Certified and Post Tension certified crew



In construction, a structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect its integrity and contents. Concrete is porous, and if not waterproofed, absorbs water, waterborne contaminants and chemicals that cause deterioration.

Waterproofing is essential to preserving the structure.